Casual-dining traffic and sales down according to the Technomic Chain Restaurant Index

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Technomic decodes the health of the restaurant industry with its monthly performance tracker

CHICAGO, April 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Technomic is producing a monthly performance tracker to help foodservice industry professionals understand how restaurants are performing month by month. Derived from Transaction Insights data, the Technomic Chain Restaurant Index (CRI) showcases sales and traffic trends for the top 200 restaurant chains over time, providing a historical perspective on the performance of the four major operator segments—casual and fine dining, quick service, midscale and fast casual.

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“The Technomic Chain Restaurant Index leverages the timeliest measurement of sales, traffic and market share for the restaurant industry,” said Sara Monnette, vice president of innovation at Technomic. “Our expertise in foodservice allows us to model and project customer transaction data with an incredible level of accuracy, granularity and transparency.”

Questions that the CRI and Transaction Insights can help you answer:

How are the major restaurant segments faring on a monthly basis?
Are major events such as weather or holidays impacting sales and traffic for certain segments?
Is fast casual growing at the same rate we’ve seen in recent years, or is it starting to slow?
The data used to power the CRI is derived from actual customer transaction data based on a longitudinal panel of 3 million monthly consumers, representing more than 18 million monthly foodservice visits. Visit us at each month to view updated industry figures.


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