New Study from Market Force Information Reveals America’s Favorite Quick-Service Restaurants

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In-N-Out is favorite for burgers, convenience store chain Wawa leads in sandwich category


A new, large-scale consumer study conducted by Market Force Information (Market Force) reveals America’s favorite quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains in five popular food categories: burgers, sandwiches, Mexican, pizza and chicken. The study found In-N-Out is America’s favorite burger chain, Wawa ranked first for sandwiches, Chipotle for Mexican food, Pizza Ranch for pizza and Chick-fil-A for chicken.

Nearly 11,500 consumers were polled for the study, which also reveals consumers’ QSR dining habits, brand preferences and in-restaurant technology use.

“In this year’s study, we saw that scores on the Composite Loyalty Index for QSR brands across all categories declined from last year,” said Brad Christian, chief customer officer at Market Force Information. “We attribute this to two factors: consumer expectations of the QSR experience are rising, and, in many cases, execution at these restaurants is declining. As our research continues to show, delighting guests by providing an exceptional customer experience is a key differentiator in an incredibly competitive environment.”

Burgers: In-N-Out Burger is Favorite, McDonald’s Lands at Bottom

In-N-Out fans are known for their fierce loyalty and – in many cases – their pleas for this regional burger chain to bring a location to their town. The California-based chain ranked No. 1 among burger chains in Market Force’s 2018 QSR study for the second consecutive year, followed by Culver’s in second place and Five Guys in third. In-N-Out also received the highest scores across all QSR food categories studied, making it America’s favorite QSR across the board. On the flip side, Burger King, Jack in the Box and McDonald’s ranked lowest among the 13 burger chains studied. [See Graph 1].

Graph 1: Favorite QSR Burger Chains

In-N-Out Dominates All Customer Experience Categories

In-N-Out was not only the favorite QSR burger brand overall, but it also took the top spot in all eight customer experience categories, including value, food quality, service speed, staff friendliness, cleanliness, atmosphere, healthy options and curb appeal. Five Guys and Culver’s also consistently performed well, with Five Guys ranking second for food, speed of service and cleanliness, and Culver’s ranking second for atmosphere, friendliness and curb appeal. Results were based on the study participants’ most recent visit to a given restaurant. [See Graph 2.]

Graph 2 – Favorite QSR Burger Chains Ranked by Customer Experience Attributes

Other Burger Category Highlights:

46% visited a burger fast-food or fast-casual restaurant at least five times in the previous
90 days
44% used the drive-thru during their most recent visit and 38% dined in
18% brought children on their most recent visit
Smashburger has the highest awareness for its loyalty program
McDonald’s has the highest mobile app awareness

Sandwiches: Wawa Advances Four Spots to Unseat Firehouse Subs
More and more, QSR brands are seeing competition from convenience stores and, for the first time in this study’s history, a convenience store was named America’s favorite spot to grab a sandwich.

Wawa is a 54-year-old chain with more than 790 convenience retail stores on the East Coast. It offers fresh food selections such as custom-prepared hoagies, freshly brewed coffee, hot breakfast sandwiches, specialty beverages and an assortment of soups and sides. Wawa rose four places to unseat the 2017 sandwich category winner, Firehouse Subs, which slipped 15 percentage points to land in second place this year. Jersey Mike’s was third, followed by Jimmy John’s, Jason’s Deli and McAlister’s Deli [See Graph 3].

Graph 3 – Favorite QSR Sandwich Chains

Firehouse Subs Performs Well, Arby’s Lags

No single brand dominated across the eight customer experience attributes that Market Force studied, though Firehouse Subs took the top spot in two – food quality and atmosphere – and tied with Jersey Mike’s and Jimmy John’s for staff friendliness. Jason’s Deli came out on top for healthy options, while Jimmy John’s ranked highest for speed of service and overall cleanliness. Wawa was again No. 1 for value, five percentage points ahead of second place Subway. Arby’s was last in nearly all of the categories. [See Graph 4].

Graph 4: Favorite QSR Sandwich Chains Ranked by Attributes

Other Sandwich Category Highlights
32% visited a sandwich chain at least five times in the previous 90 days
Half of customers chose take-out on their most recent visit, while 36% dined in
Only 12% brought children on their most recent visit
Panera led in loyalty card awareness – 78% know they offer one
Wawa once again has the highest mobile app awareness with 67%, up from 48% in 2017

Mexican: Chipotle Narrowly Hangs onto First Place
Denver-based Chipotle, a chain that has weathered tough times in recent years, narrowly ranked first in the Mexican food category for the second consecutive year ahead of second-place El Pollo Loco. Qdoba ranked third and Moe’s Southwest Grill ranked fourth. Taco Bell landed at the bottom of the chains studied. [See Graph 5].

Graph 5: Favorite QSR Mexican Chains

Chipotle Leads in Food, Del Taco in Value

Chipotle earned the top spot for many customer experience categories, including food quality, service speed, healthy options and cleanliness. It also tied with El Pollo for curb appeal. Del Taco was the value leader, while Moe’s Southwest Grill was found to have the friendliest staff, and Qdoba the best atmosphere. Taco Bell, Taco John’s and Taco Bueno ranked toward the bottom in most categories. [See Graph 6.]

Graph 6: Favorite QSR Mexican Chains Ranked by Attributes

Other Mexican Food Category Highlights:

37% visited a Mexican QSR chain at least five times in the previous 90 days
41% dined in during their most recent visit, and 30% used the drive-thru
22% brought children on their most recent visit
Qdoba has the highest awareness for its loyalty program with 58%
Moe’s Southwest Grill has the most awareness of its mobile app with 47%

Pizza: Pizza Ranch is Big Cheese With Diners

Pizza Ranch, an Iowa-based chain with 200 locations in 13 states, took the No. 1 spot this year in the pizza category, a title Marco’s Pizza held in 2017. Papa Murphy’s again came in second, followed by Marco’s Pizza, Domino’s and Papa John’s. [See Graph 7].

Graph 7: Favorite QSR Pizza Chains

Pizza Ranch, Papa Murphy’s Excel in Customer Experience
Pizza Ranch and Papa Murphy’s led in every customer experience category except value, which went to Little Caesar’s. Papa Murphy’s was No. 1 for food quality, healthy options and cleanliness, while Pizza Ranch was a clear winner in atmosphere and curb appeal and was also found to have the friendliest staff and fastest service speed, best atmosphere and curb appeal. Marco’s Pizza also performed well, landing in the top three in five key categories. [See Graph 8].

Graph 8: Favorite QSR Pizza Chains Ranked by Customer Experience Attributes

Other Pizza Category Highlights:
28% visited a pizza chain at least five times in the previous 90 days
Take out (55%) is still the most popular way to dine for pizza chain customers
21% brought children on their most recent visit
Pizza Ranch led in loyalty card awareness – 90% of customers know they offer one
Domino’s has the highest awareness for its mobile app – 67% are familiar with it
Chicken: Chick-fil-A Rules Roost for Fourth Consecutive Year
Chick-fil-A is America’s favorite chicken chain for the fourth straight year with a 73% score. Raising Cane’s ranked second with 68%, Zaxby’s and El Pollo Loco tied for third with 51% each, Boston Market ranked third with 46% and Popeyes rounded out the top five with 42%. KFC landed at the bottom of the 10 chains studied. [See Graph 9].

Graph 9 – Favorite QSR Chicken Chains

Chick-fil-A Lauded for Food and Service
Once again, category-leader Chick-fil-A received the highest scores in every category except healthy options, a top ranking that went to El Pollo Loco for the third consecutive year. Raising Cane’s also performed well, landing in second place in seven of the eight categories. KFC was last in six categories, and Buffalo Wild Wings was rated lowest for value. [See Graph 10].

Graph 10: Favorite QSR Chicken Chains Ranked by Attributes

Other Chicken Category Highlights

31% visited a chicken chain at least five times in the previous 90 days
The majority of customers opted for the drive-thru (39%), followed closely by those who chose to dine in the restaurant (33%)
20% dined with children on their most recent visit
Buffalo Wild Wings led in loyalty card awareness – 44% know they offer one
Chick-fil-A has the highest mobile app awareness with 55%, followed by El Pollo Loco with 45%

More Using Tech to Place Orders
The use of technology by QSR guests to place their orders continues to steadily grow, with 39% reporting that they ordered their meals via smartphone app in the past 90 days, a significant increase from 2015 when just 11% reported doing so. Additionally, 28% used a kiosk and 27% used a tablet to place their order. [See Graph 11].

Graph 11: Use of Tech to Place Orders in 2018 vs. Past Years

For the rankings, Market Force asked participants to rate their satisfaction with their most recent QSR experience, and their likelihood to refer that restaurant to others. The results were averaged to attain a Composite Loyalty Index score. Only chains that received at least 100 votes and representing 2% or more of votes were analyzed.

The survey was conducted online in February 2018 across the United States. The pool of 11,487 respondents represented a cross-section of the four U.S. census regions. Fifty percent reported household incomes of more than $50,000 a year. Respondents’ ages ranged from 18 to over 65. Approximately 73% were women and 26% were men.

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