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The Top Restaurant Reservation Software Vendors According to the FeaturedCustomers 2019 Fall Customer Success Report Rankings

FeaturedCustomers awards OpenTable highest overall customer success score.


Today FeaturedCustomers released the 2019 Fall Restaurant Reservation Software Customer Success Report to give prospects better insight on which Restaurant Reservation Software would work best for their business according to real customer references.
The highest rated vendors according to the 2019 Fall Restaurant Reservation Software Customer Success Report are:

Market Leaders – OpenTable, CAKE from Sysco, ResyOS, Tock, and Yelp Reservations were given the highest “Market Leader” award. Market Leaders are vendors with a substantial customer base & market share. Market Leaders have the highest ratio of customer reference content, content quality score, and social media presence relative to company size.

Top Performers – Bookatable, ResDiary, Reserve For Restaurants, and SevenRooms were awarded “Top Performer” honors. Top Performers are vendors with significant market presence and enough customer reference content to validate their vision. Top Performers products are highly rated by its customers but have not achieved the customer base and scale of a Market

Leader relative to company size.
Rising Stars – BentoBox, Eveve, GloriaFood, and Hostme were awarded the “Rising Star” honor. Rising Stars are vendors that do not have the market presence of Market Leaders or Top Performers but understand where the market is going and has disruptive technology. Rising Stars have been around long enough to establish momentum and a minimum amount of customer reference content along with a growing social presence.

About the Restaurant Reservation Software Customer Success Report:
The customer success report is based on over 300 pieces of verified customer reference content. A vendor’s overall customer success score is reached via a weighted average of their Customer, Social, and Company Scores. Of the vendors listed in the FeaturedCustomers’ Restaurant Reservation category, 13 vendors met the minimum requirements needed to be considered for the customer success report.

About FeaturedCustomers:
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